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About Us

We Make Industry Ready Candidates for Companies

PROGRAMERS is 19 Years Old International Software Company , "Producing Quality Products"- "Deliver On Time"- "In Best Possible Price" pleased to introduce ourselves as a Premier in Indian Information Technology, with a broad portfolio of services and technologies. PROGRAMERS is a rapidly growing company specializing could application and web solutions and Search Engine optimization. The founding stone of PROGRAMERS International was laid in the year 1999, and ever since, we never have had an opportunity to look back. Over the years, through a motto of non-compromise on quality, we have now acquired a credible and countable position in the domestic and international market place

With a solid team of professionally managed employers, our backbone is strong enough in Reach and Development for new technology and developing could based total solution for domestic and international customers.

The field of IT is virtually booming today, with more and more advanced technology coming into the market, making life a lot simpler for both home and business users. Since the college IT curriculum does not change rapidly to cope with the latest IT developments & the new languages, students are at a loss when they pass out. This leaves a wide gap between academics & the industries & many a times, IT companies are reluctant to pick up such a crowd of prospective candidates as they would prove as a burden on themselves as well as the organizations.

Our “CLOUD Expert” is an exciting new concept of skills & Carrier developments to carve a niche for oneself in this highly competitive market, it is inevitable for a candidate to think, develop & polish their technical skills, as the road to success is not a rosy one. By getting an opportunity, to be a part of each & every project undertaken at the company, you develop the confidence to approach a project with courage & complete it lucratively. Our technical workshop moulds you to stay competitive in the industry. And Oops!!! You could walk away with an experience certificate too! Talents, creativity, capacity for independent project development, and hands-on-expertise in technology are all-time favorites of any employer/organization. The company recognizes the need for consultant staff to excel, obtain satisfaction from his employment, develop his professional abilities and receive proper financial rewards and security.

Bearing in mind of this fact, We, PROGRAMERS, are coming up with a “Finishing School”, where technical workshop sessions, framed into 10 units, to suit the needs of candidates would be conducted, where each application comes up with its own front –end & back end.

This is a period, where numerous companies across the globe are moving their platform to the cloud and especially choosing Open Source Concept. This technology is the foundation upon which we have designed the concepts of LAMP, on which we have been doing small scale projects to large & complex ERP projects. Though LAMP still captures the centre space of over projects, we do not shy away from languages from other vendors – be it Microsoft/ be it Sun Micro Systems.

PROGRAMERS Resources sunshade is home to all languages. This gives a prospective candidate an opportunity to be the part & parcel of diverse applications & the confidence to walk off with fire in their bellies & get embraced by the kings of the software industry.

In concurrence with our proven methodologies based on Open Source Concept, our expert implementation consultants are there to guide you through every step of the execution of a successful implementation. The training programmes at PROGRAMERS Resources are structurally and functionally a multi-tier programme giving emphasis to creative learning thus brewing a student as a true professional.

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